Mid Atlantic Pom & Dance Association

25th Annual MAPDA 



Time: based Upon Registration; Times below are approximate

Session 1: 9:30 (Division 1)

Session 2: 3:30 or 4pm (Division 2, 3, Youth)

Spectator Information

Admission Pricing:

General Public ______________________$15.00

Administrators/Students ______________$10.00 (with ID)

Children Under 10 ___________________$5.00

Children Under 2 ____________________Free

Credit Cards accepted for additional $1.00

Food will be sold throughout the day and restricted to area's designated for eating only.

Security retains the right to remove any spectator threatening the dancers, other spectators and MAPDA personnel. No refunds will be given if a spectator is removed.

All spectators are expected to adhere to the same MAPDA Sportsmanship Conduct Rules.



  • Teams must have placed 1st-3rd at a MAPDA Event
  • Teams must have attended 3 MAPDA events or
  • Hosted 1 event and attend 2 MAPDA Events

MAPDA Events:

  • Marriotts Ridge
  • Fairmont Heights
  • Atholton
  • President's Cup @ Archbishop Spalding
  • Good Counsel
  • Gwynn Park
  • Flowers

Qualified Routine fee are Non-Refundable and are Due March 14, 2020:

  • 1st Qualified Routine: $150
  • 2 Qualified Routines: $225
  • 3 Qualified Routines: $300
  • 4 Qualified Routines: $375
  • 5 or More Qualified Routines: $450

Non-qualified Routine are non-refundable: Teams that have qualified may enter up to 2 non-qualified routines. These fees are in addition to the Qualified fees.

  • 1 Non-qualified Routine: $200
  • 2 Non-qualified Routines: $275

Registration form click here 

Registration form includes qualified routines, non-qualified routines, jump/spin off, and T-shirt pre-order form. Please email a copy of the registration form by March 11, 2020 to [email protected] 

MAPDA 2020 Dance Scholarship Click Here

MAPDA is proud to announce the 2020 Dance Scholarship!

Two deserving seniors will have the opportunity to each receive a $500 scholarship. Whether you are pursuing an education in dance or general studies, this scholarship award can help to supplement your education fund.

Jump Off/Spin Off

  • Teams may enter up to 2 contestants for each category. The same contestant can enter both categories.
  • Each contestant will perform by themselves and will be judged on the amount of correct turns or jumps.
  • The contestant may choose any type of jump (toe touch, hurdler, etc.) or turn (a la seconde, fouette, pirouette, etc.) and can only perform one
    (1) type for either category. Turn or jump combinations are not allowed. Leaps are not considered as a jump.
  • Each person will be judged on the amount of correct jumps/turns.
  • Things that are considered in judging: height, amount, pointed toes, posture, landing, complexity, etc.
  • 1st – 3rd place will be given for each category.
  • Fees are $15 per performer per category

Registration Deadline March 11 and payment can be made on the day of Championships.

Payment Information

All fees are non-refundable

Routine On-time payment is March 14, 2020.

Any payment received after March 14 must have a $25 late fee attached in order to participate. 

Payment options are by school check/money order made out to MAPDA.

Mail Payment by Deadline to:


PO Box 917

White Plains MD 20695

PayPal: paypal.me/MAPDA

Cash App: $MAPDA

Please be sure payment is made on time, over night fees if you must. 


1st, 2nd & 3rd (possible) placements will be awarded to Captains and Teams in each category and group size.

1st -3rd place will be awarded in the Jump Off and Spin off separately

Grand Champions will be provided in Divisions I, II and III

Cash Prizes will be given to the Grand Champions in Divisions I, II and III

Spirit Awards

Best Costume

Best Choreography

Most Entertaining

Top Fan